NHL BETTING TIPS / 2017-11-13

I’ve been very busy this weekend and missed 2 days of betting. Placed 4 bets yesterday and went -0.56u. I’ll mostly post my tips in the spreadsheets for a while, so check it out if you want to back the bets.

Tonight’s Games:

Tonight’s Bets:

Stars O 2.5 (1.970) 3u

Blues O 2.5 (1.826) 3u

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NHL BETTING TIPS / 2017-11-10

4/7 last night, +2.35u. Blues couldn’t beat the Yotes in regulation, took them some shootouts to do that. Bolts is ripping through the California roadtrip and will be facing Ducks in a couple of days, one of the few teams they have lost to this season.

Tonight we have an early game in Stockholm, Avs – Sens! Should be fun. 🙂

Tonight’s Games:

Tonight’s Bets:

No bets.

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NHL BETTING TIPS / 2017-11-09

2/3 last night, +1.83u.

Tonight’s Games:

Tonight’s Bets:

Flyers – Hawks U 6.0 (1.825) 2u

Devils ML (2.110) 2u

Blues FT (1.780) 3u

Flames FT (2.060) 2u

Nucks U 2.5 (1.990) 2u

Kings – Bolts U 6.0 (1.860) 2u

Bolts ML (2.200) 3u (LIVE)

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NHL BETTING TIPS / 2017-11-08

2/4 last night, +1.21u. I’ve been moving to a new apartment over the weekend and haven’t been able to post all my tips on the site here. The bets have been up on the spreadsheet though. We had 7 straight plusnights before falling 2 days ago, and then picked it up with plus again yesterday. Can’t complain! I might not be able to post all my bets on the site for the rest of the week either, so be sure to check the spreadsheet for the tips;

Tonight’s Games:

Tonight’s Bets:

Wild ML (2.190) 3u

Rangers – Bruins O 5.5 (1.917) 2u

Bolts ML (2.000) 3u

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